The latest rumor about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles's breakup gives new meaning to the expression "coming out of your shell."

Taylor has told friends that Harry was a bad kisser  and that he kissed like a certain pest.

Taylor's friend tells Star that Harry “kissed like a snail. Eventually Taylor found it hard not to be grossed out.” Um, wow.

So we're not even really sure what it means to kiss like a snail. Perhaps he's doing something with his tongue that is snail-like? Or maybe there is sliminess involved?

Previously, we had heard that Harry lost interest in Taylor in part because she reportedly wouldn't "put out" enough. But now it sounds like kissing Harry wasn't all that much fun for her.

Frankly, we have a little trouble believing that Harry is anything but an amazing kisser. We suppose we'll just have to kiss him ourselves and find out!

Source: Star via Hollywood Life