Credit: Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If you’ve been wondering what Rebecca Black has been up to since her song “Friday” became a YouTube sensation and let’s be honest a weirdly spectacular cultural moment, you’re not alone. E! Online has offered an exclusive sneak peek at the video for Rebecca’s new single “Sing It.” Granted, it’s no “Friday,” but it is teeny-boppery bliss.

The video shows Rebecca twirling around on the beach, running her hands through flowers in a meadow, frolicking in laundry drying in the sun, and hanging at a late-night party with friends — basically doing what 14-year-olds should be doing. While “Sing It” clearly lacks the catchy lyrical inanity of “Friday,” the song features Rebecca’s signature auto-tuned voice, along with a wonderfully silly chorus filled with “Whoa-oh-ohs” and “Yeah-yeah-yeahs.”

What can we say? We so excited.    

Source: E! Online