She's blonde. She's cute — heck, she's gorgeous! And she's playing the young Carrie Bradshaw, who rarely had trouble finding dates in New York City. But AnnaSophia Robb, 19, told Teen Vogue she doesn't exactly have guys lining up for her. 

Credit: Eric Liebowitz © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Photo: AnnaSophia Robb as Young Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries

In fact, when asked if she ever gets hit on, The Carrie Diaries star responded (via Just Jared), "Never. Everyone always says that guys are intimidated by me … but I seriously doubt it. I mean, I’m five-foot-nothing! I think I must make a stank face.”

Nah, we're guessing it's the intimidation thing. Or maybe she’s just never in the right place to be hit on — like she travels too much in a pack or something. Then again, that kind of thing never stopped Carrie from meeting guys...

The Carrie Diaries premieres Monday, January 14 on The CW, so if anyone spots AnnaSophia around NYC they should ask her out now, before she becomes an even more intimidating superstar!

Source: Just Jared