Credit: L: The WB; R: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Remember those nights watching the Dawson Creek cast walk arm-in-arm on the Capeside beach during opening credits, wishing we had J.Crew khaki shorts and an endless assortment of ribbed sweaters? Turns out, James Van Der Beek took one too many strolls down the Creek while listening to Paula Cole’s shrill anthem — and he tells Celebuzz he’s no longer fond of the epic theme song. In fact, it makes him duck and cover.

“For some reason — and again, I need to get over this; I’m [a] 35-year-old, grown-ass man — but I want to hide somewhere [when I hear it],” James explains. “If I’m in public and the song comes on, my first instinct is to find somewhere to hide — go in a corner, duck behind a rack, run into a dressing room, find the nearest restroom, like, just get out of there.”

Sacrilege! That song is the soundtrack to our entire adolescence! Cue: Dawson Leery crying face.

Source: Celebuzz

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