Credit: Getty Images/Splash News Photo: Who Should Play Finnick in The Hunger Games Movies?

Yes, we know the first Hunger Games movie isn’t out yet, but we need to dreamcast our favorite character, Finnick Odair, for Catching Fire, which will be released in Fall 2013 (It’s not as far away as you think, people!). For those of you haven’t caught up with your reading, Finnick is a District 4 victor. At 24, he’s been out of the Games for a decade, but has managed to keep his muscular stature. The ladies love the bronze-haired, green-eyed Adonis, and he loves them right back — he’s a bit of a flirt.

In order to cast this coveted role, we considered looks, age, and acting ability. As much as we love The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), at 33, he’s a tad old to play the role. Check out our list of Hollywood’s drool-worthy 20-somethings and cast your vote for who you’d love to see wield a trident as Finnick in The Hunger Games.

At 6’5”, 25-year-old Armie Hammer certainly has the “tall” portion of Finnick’s physical description down. He proved his acting chops in The Social Network, playing both the Winklevoss twins.

Some may take issue with Alex Pettyfer’s acting ability (we admit, we skipped both Beastly and I Am Number Four,) but the 21-year-old certainly looks like the physical embodiment of Finnick.

With his piercing eyes, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is distractingly attractive. Though he’s 26, we think all those years of playing rich kid Nate Archibald have banked him enough charm to pull off the role of Finnick.

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There’s no doubt Benjamin Stone has become a fan favorite to play Finnick. You may not be familiar with the 24-year-old if you haven’t seen The Nine Lives of Chloe King, but we can definitely see why he’s made so many dream casting lists!

Weeds star Hunter Parrish is 24, adorable, and bright-eyed. He might be a tad short for Finnick at only 5’7”, but he’d bring an impish quality to Finnick that would probably make up for it.

27-year-old Garrett Hedlund’s most recent role was in TRON: Legacy, but he first turned heads in the Friday Night Lights movie. While he looks a little more frat boy than fishing village, we have faith in movie magic to make the transition.

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We’ll admit when he first showed up on Secret Circle, we didn’t immediately think, Chris Zylka is perfect for Finnick. But the 26-year-old has definitely grown on us and after seeing him shirtless numerous times, we’ve decided he’s earned his spot on this list.

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Glee’s Grant Gustin (Sebastian) is clamoring for the role of Finnick. While the 22-year-old doesn’t quite fit our picture of the tall, swaggering ladies’ man, who are we to stand in the way of someone’s dream?