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Mark your calendars for one month from now — The Hunger Games will be released on DVD and BluRay on August 18.

Here are some of the special features to get excited about:

• Three hours of behind the scenes footage
• Interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and the rest of the cast
• A propaganda film from the Capitol
• The World Is Watching: Making of The Hunger Games — An eight-part series that shows the entire filming process, from pre- to post-production
• Game Maker: Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games Phenomenon short feature
• Letters from the Rose Garden feature — a look at how Donald Sutherland approached his role as President Snow
• An interview with Gary Ross and Elvis Mitchell

In one 3:41 behind-the-scenes clip, director Gary Ross, star Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) and stunt coordinators talk about doing stunts in the woods — including the Girl on Fire running from actual fire.

"My memories are everybody saying, 'Get back! Get back! Stay away!'" Jennifer said, "and me standing there where nobody else is allowed to stand and I’m like, 'What about me?!'"

We're dying to see more from you, that's what about you! Watch the video below for more.

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Credit: Photo: Go Behind-the-Scenes of The Hunger Games With Jennifer Lawrence (VIDEO)