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As Goldie on Ryan Murphy’s NBC sitcom The New Normal, Georgina King has been fake-pregnant for 17 episodes now. While she’s loved every minute of it, her character is literally about to pop.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Georgina at Ryan’s Inaugural PaleyFest Icon Award ceremony on February 17, and the actress addressed everything from the show’s brilliant message to the big birth and her hopes for Season 2.

What's Ryan's signature on your show?

Georgina King: The fearlessness Ryan has a human being. The fact that he will explore any idea and thought he wants to without question. Which very few people are willing to do, and are comfortable doing, in this day and age. Not just in this industry, but in other ways of life people are scared to go too far.

What's important is people who do break down barriers, and ask questions and make people think. So we have plenty of that going on in The New Normal from Ryan.

Also, Ryan's energy is something I didn't notice at first. He directed a few of the episodes, and he's got a very strong energy forward, which is conducive to the show. It's a style that's been carried through to the other directors. It's not like a mockumentary it is a single cam, fly-on-the-wall kind of show. But there is a speed to it, a quickness and smartness that is very true to Ryan. There's a colorfulness in his dialogue from a visual sense. He's full of life, Ryan Murphy. His shows reflect that.

What's it like being a part of baby storyline?

Being a part I've been in the middle of it! (Laughs.) It's awesome. I have to say being fake-pregnant is the bomb. I love it. I'm very maternal as a person anyway Bebe and I are incredibly close. I think it's been really interesting because it's exploring parenthood that isn't the norm, which is literally the title of the show. That's kind of cool to see. We are an ever-changing society, and I feel like it's great to actually acknowledge that, and kind of roll with it and go through the motions.

I am amazed at how many people relate to the story. I had no idea. I'd never had any of these issues and thoughts, particularly at the forefront of my life. I am not wanting a child just yet. I'm straight. I don't have a lot of conflicts that people in the world do. It's been a real privilege to be a part of it and it opened my eyes to something that happens.

Are we gonna see a baby resolution by season's end?

There might well be. I think there might be a resolution.

What are your hopes for next season?

My hopes and aspirations are that the show doesn't stop fighting hard to kind of push forward and be bold and brave. I think the fact that it keeps exploring very complicated situations, like my relationship with my husband, Goldie and Clay, it's a complicated one. Even though he's doing all these wonderful things now, trying to win me back it doesn't mean that Goldie will take him back.

That's Ryan and Ali's viewpoint that life isn't just a case of yes and no, black and white. I love that.

Reporting by Nicholas White.

The New Normal airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.