The MTV special One Direction: My First Time is not about what you think, you pervs. It’s actually about their first time performing at the Video Music Awards — and their thoughts on other pop stars’ VMA debuts, including Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Pink.

Okay, pervs, come back — because in the sneak peek that Perez posted, you do get to see some behind-the-scenes footage of their tour, including a shot of the lads in nothing but boxers and socks.

If you can un-freeze the video, however, the blokes also engage in some playful fisticuffs, mash Harry’s face into a cake, build up their biceps, and reveal their celebrity crushes. (Hint: a set of Hollywood twins, a Friends actress, and a Power Ranger are cited.)

Enjoy, One Direction fans! (Or should we say “funs” — ‘cause that’s how the boys pronounce it.)

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Credit: MTV via Perez Hilton Photo: One Direction's "First Time"