Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Andrea Runs for Her Life in The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Zombie fans, rejoice! The Walking Dead is back, risen from the ashes of its mid-season funk faster than a pack of walkers in search of fresh brains.

Last night's finale was everything we could have hoped for after Season 2's relatively slow start — death, destruction, and the introduction of an enigmatic, sword-wielding madman. Or perhaps we should say madwoman ...

The caped figure who saves Andrea is Michonne, a recurring female character from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, played by actress Danai Gurira (Treme, The Visitor).

The emergence of Michonne excites us for a couple of reasons: Not only is The Walking Dead finally starting to feel more like the graphic novels on which it is based (Kirkman says she will be "very similar" to her comic-book counterpart), but it's about darn time for the show's female characters to get out of the kitchen and onto the battle field.

The show's disjointed character development, especially where women are concerned (hello, we didn't even know who Beth was until she was slitting her wrists with a steak knife), has made it difficult to care who lives and who dies. But with the introduction of mysterious Michonne, we have high hopes not only for a character we're genuinely curious about, but also for the emergence of a bigger picture storyline — one of good versus evil.

Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Photo: Danai Gurira Arrives at Shakespeare In The Park Gala on June 20, 2011

According to Kirkman, Michonne is poised to be a "big part" of the drama moving forward, as Rick, Lori, and the rest of the gang take on more danger and different kinds of threats. 

"There's an interesting process as we start to write this character and bring her to life," showrunner Glen Mazzara told The Hollywood Reporter. "We see this character as a significant character, not just as someone who's in the mix. This is a major addition to the show."

Season 3 will bring us another new character in the form of David Morrissey (State of Play, Meadowlands), who plays The Governor, the leader of a group of nearby survivors who clashes with Rick.  

"Our third season is definitely going to be our best season yet,"  Kirkman told TV Line. "There are a lot of surprises around the corner."

Source: The Hollywood ReporterTV Line

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