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This Sunday, February 17, The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10, “Home,” will air on AMC.
Here's the "Home" synopsis: “The group debates the next step; Rick searches for a lost friend; Daryl and Merle question their choices; the Governor restores order.”

So Daryl (Norman Reedus) chose to stick with Merle (Michael Rooker), and they drove off together, while the rest of the group returned to the prison. (Poor Carol!) But that doesn’t necessarily mean Daryl trusts Merle. He does aim his crossbow at him at one point, when Merle tries to get into a car. This Ep 10 synopsis would suggest the Dixon boys may not be on the same page, or have any idea what to do with themselves.

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In the Episode 10 promo (watch it below), Merle points his gun at someone and Daryl tells him to "let 'em go."

Unconfirmed spoilers suggest the Dixon bros. return to the prison group at the end of Episode 10 — to help Team Prison fight Woodbury.  The Governor reportedly takes the Woodbury fight to the prison, and prison guy Axel (Lew Temple) will supposedly get shot and die. That would fit well with this promo, where it looks like Carol (Melissa McBride) uses Axel as a body shield. The last prison guy! And he had such a beautifully creepy mustache!

For a detailed play-by-play synopsis of what is spoiled to happen on Episode 10, head here. It's a good ep for fans of the Dixon bros!

By the way, Norman Reedus filmed up to the end of the season, so we don’t think Daryl Dixon is going anywhere anytime soon. On that note, showrunner Glen Mazzara just told Entertainment Weekly, "Let me say this: After Sophia came out of the barn in season 2, we had Norman’s character retreat a bit and he dropped out of some episodes. Ummm…we won’t do that again. Daryl is front and center. There are a few interesting episodes where we play the storyline a bit. Fans don’t have to worry. There’s more than enough Daryl to go around."

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And who is that "lost friend" in the "Home" synopsis? At first we thought it was a reference to Rick going to his hometown to find Morgan, the guy who saved him back on Season 1. Remember? He had a son? Rick was trying to talk to him via walkie-talkie for a while? Morgan has been spoiled to return, at some point this season. But it sounds like we'll still have to wait to see Morgan, most likely on Episode 12. That was the original episode he was first spoiled for.

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Below is the official promo for Episode 10.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Promo For The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10, "Home"

Here's a sneak peek of Episode 10, with Daryl and Merle in the woods.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Daryl Wants to Return to the Prison: Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10, "Home"