Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Andrea and The Governor on The Walking Dead

Remember way back at the end of The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 3 — just before The Governor started staring at his wall of watery heads — we checked out his room, which included a photo of a blonde woman and a little girl.

Walking Dead executive producer Glen Mazzara confirmed to TV Guide that the little girl in that family photo is Penny, whom The Governor is calling his daughter. Who is Penny?


In the comic books, Penny is the daughter of The Gov’s late brother, Philip. The Gov’s birth name was Brian, but when Philip died he took that name. Penny actually turned into a zombie, but The Governor kept her around, feeding her with stuff like human flesh. (What a devoted uncle/dad/psycho!)

Entertainment Weekly talked to executive producer and original story guru Robert Kirkman. EW joked that they were looking forward to meeting “that cute little tyke” Penny. “I don’t want to reveal too much,” Kirkman said. “But I will say that the opening scene of Episode 5 is, uh…It’s going to be a pretty memorable one. So be on the look out for that.”

Hmm... So maybe this Sunday’s November 11 episode, “Say the Word,” will include a Penny opener? Maybe The Governor will be feeding her or we’ll see her enjoying a snack?

In a different interview, Kirkman was asked whether the show planned to get into the Penny storyline from the books. “Well, I can't really speak definitively as to whether or not Penny is going to be included on the show,” Kirkman said (via Fanbolt). “All I can really say, is make sure that you stay tuned and keep an eye out for that kind of stuff. But you know I will say that his back story is something that, you know, is very interesting and there will be snippets of it revealed as we move forward. So I think that his story will kind of unfold as we tell things that are, you know, happening in the current time.”

Yeah, it sounds like we’ll be getting little pieces of The Gov’s past as opposed to doing one big origin story. The Gov is apparently sticking around for a while, so they can take their sweet time him with. And pretty Penny.

Sources: TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Fanbolt

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