Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

More death is a-comin' on The Walking Dead  as if we should really be surprised by that at this point.

Producer Gail Ann Hurd tell E! Online that we can expect to lose a few more characters in Season 3. The show resumes its season this Sunday, February 10.

"There are a lot of humans in serious jeopardy," she reveals ominously. "There's a lot of betrayal. There's a little love. There's a lot of zombie action."

"And then we get to say goodbye sadly to a few more people," she continues. Gulp.

So tell us, Gail — will we be losing any especially beloved characters in the near future?

"I can't tell you that," she responds. "It is a zombie apocalypse, so…"

In other words, we shouldn't get too attached to anyone. Duly noted.

Source: E! Online