It’s like a soap opera — the second a couple appears to be happy and strong, they have to be thrown into conflict. Everyone has already been through a ton of drama on The Walking Dead Season 3 (and we’re loving it!) and there’s definitely more to come, including tests for Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

Lauren recently talked to IGN about how Maggie will step up in the challenges ahead — beyond having to deliver Lori’s baby during a zombie attack. (Gold star for that, girl!) But what about Glenn?

Steven told the L.A. Times we'll watch Glenn's growth this season, but it will include some mistakes. “Those mistakes can be heavy in this world especially,” he said. “Now with the addition of Maggie, the stakes are higher because you have another person to account for, you have another person to look out for." We're going to watch Glenn change in ways that make sense, Steven said. "You’re going to see him stumble, you’re going to see him overshoot, you’re going to see him puff out his chest maybe too much and get knocked down.

Credit: AMC

Interesting. Do you want to hear how that might relate to next week's November 18 Episode 6, "Hounded"?


According to Spoil the Dead, on Episode 6, Glenn and Maggie go out on another supply run to feed Lori's baby, when they are abducted. Merle (Michael Rooker) may also be involved. As we saw earlier this season with Andrea, he's pretty good at grabbing people and dragging them to Woodbury. We’ll see if that’s how things turn out next week. As for tonight, expect Rick to completely lose his mind as Woodbury goes Gladiator/Fight Club. And Penny, of course!

Sources: L.A. Times, Spoil the Dead

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Credit: AMC Photo: Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 Sneak Peek: Glenn and Prisoners Dig Graves (VIDEO)