Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Maggie and Daryl on The Walking Dead

All right, Lauren Cohan, you have our attention. The Walking Dead Season 3 is returning pretty soon — Episode 9, "The Suicide King," airs Sunday, February 10 on AMC — and the actress who plays Maggie Greene teased fans in a new interview with SciFiNow.

"Season 3 already has broken all the cable records in the United States, and only continues to intensify into the season," Lauren said. "Some of the stuff that’s happening is going to make television history — I’m not being funny, to read a lot of it, it gave me a visceral reaction. I can only say that it’s going to be an intense ride for the viewers."

Television history … what do you think she means by that? Like, an extreme event that has never before been aired? Do you have any theories? Perhaps a particular storyline from the comics will be translated on screen. Baby death? Suicide? Other?

Source: SciFiNow

Credit: YouTube Photo: New Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers Promo: Merle Punches Daryl, Andrea vs. The Governor (VIDEO)