Tyreese is a new main character on The Walking Dead Season 3 — he’ll have his own story arc and all. But now that he’s here — along with Michonne, The Governor, Rick’s crew and everyone else — the prison and Woodbury pieces are all in place ... except for one.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara teased the rest of Season 3 to TV Guide: “We certainly don't lighten up on the pace. We don't lighten up on the horror in the back half. But now that all of the different storylines have been introduced, it'll be interesting to be able to push in and spend time with these characters. I'm not saying the show will slow down in any sense, it doesn't. It gets crazier. But all of the characters are now on stage, except for one. There's still one more character coming in the back half.”

A comic book character? TV Guide asked. “Can't say,” Mazzara said, “but all of the characters are now on stage except for one.”


Credit: AMC Photo: Morgan on The Walking Dead Season 1

It sounds like he might be teasing the return of Morgan, who was last seen on Season 1 and has already been spoiled as a Season 3 return. He’s the guy who saved Rick’s life, when Rick woke up from the hospital and had no idea what had happened to the world.  

If he’s not referring to Morgan, well, Morgan is returning anyway, and that would just mean someone else is showing up — maybe someone brand new, who has yet to make any kind of appearance on the TV show. What do you think he means? And if Morgan is the one more character, would that mean his son didn’t make it?

Source: TV Guide

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