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It wasn’t a shock that Axel (Lew Temple) died on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 10, “Home” — he was the last of the original prison guys, and we’ve been warned to the brink of exhaustion that “no one is safe.” But the way he died was pretty shocking. He didn’t even get to finish his sentence!

“Yeah, he didn’t know what hit him,” showrunner Glen Mazzara told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s telling a story and says ‘One time…’ and then he’s hit. And you know what? If that bullet didn’t come, maybe there would have been a nice little romance with Axel and Carol [Melissa McBride]. Because I think she really was enjoying that conversation. And it was nice to see her somewhat happy for once.”

Carol + Axel = sexy time? Huh. Hard to imagine she’d go from Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) to Mustache Man, but it is the zombie apocalypse, so stranger things have already happened.

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Comic book writer/exec producer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter, “It's important to note that sometimes the death on The Walking Dead has to be very sudden, it's not always this huge set-piece or this big to-do. People can just go as quickly as Axel went. That keeps people on their toes, and goes to illustrate exactly how dangerous things are. Carol is really being put to the test here. She's going to have Daryl, which is something of a good thing for her, but she's not having an easy time with this. It did certainly seem like there may be something brewing between her and Axel, but that was taken away from her. So we'll see how she deals with that moving forward.”

Poor Carol. Although we’ve heard she takes on a leadership role at the prison, which sounds promising.

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But why did Axel have to die to begin with?

“That was a really tough choice because we had to have The Governor exact some revenge,” Mazzara told EW. “If he just shot up the prison without resulting in someone’s death it would have looked completely impotent. So now you start looking at characters and which character is going to go. And we evaluated almost every character — is it time to kill this character or that character? Unfortunately, the axe fell Axel’s way. It was tough because there may have been more story with him. I think we were just finding that character. I loved what he added. It was just that someone had to go and that was a really, really tough choice. That was something that I wrestled with almost more than say, Lori, because I knew we were getting story out of Lori’s death. So this was a different kind of death that was tied into the existing story but it didn’t prompt further story. I did really feel that loss. That was a tough one. I wish…. I didn’t see another way out of it.”

It sounds like this was the appetizer death for a main course of someone “bigger” dying later this season. Do you feel that too?

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter

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