Credit: AMC

It’s happening, people, though actor David Morrisey’s on-screen version of the Governor may not totally jibe with what comic book fans are expecting...

“What I love about [David’s] take on The Governor is that he’s not the obvious villain, he’s very charming and seductive,” Laurie Holden (Andrea) dished to Access Hollywood on October 22. “You don’t really get that he’s evil. He’s the perfect sociopath. From the outside you think this man is amazing.”

TV Guide adds that while the Governor’s “big secret in the comics [i]sn’t exactly shown in his debut episode, there's something even more troubling he's hiding behind closed doors.” Sounds ominous!

Andrea and Michonne (Danai Gurira) will come face-to-face with this scary dude on the October 28 episode, titled “Walk With Me.” Also making an appearance after a long hiatus? Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) older brother Merle (Michael Rooker).

Welcome to Woodbury...

Sources: TV Guide, Access Hollywood

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