She was the one who wrote our anthem “Born This Way,” and Lady Gaga is now catching flak for possibly having gained a little weight in her birthday suit.  

On her recent concert tour in Europe, photographers caught shots of the fashionable Lady G looking a little zaftig-er than her usual fighting weight. According to Radar, the formerly fit 5’1” singer is bursting out of her iconic fishnets, tipping the scales 30 pounds farther to the right than normal.

Credit: Getty Images, Splash News Photo: Lady Gaga in Fishnets, Then and Now

Gaga was featured on the September cover of Vogue, in a hyper-photoshopped picture that cinched her waist, lengthened her legs, and basically morphed her into an alien spawned from Anna Wintour's genius brain. 

At the time, we wondered if maybe the photo manipulation was somehow an artistic expression. Now, with photos apparently showing Gaga looking a little Gargantuan, it seems possible that Vogue was trying to wage war against our beloved pop star appearing anything other than a size double-zero. 

What do you think: Is this being blown way out of proportion — or should Gaga cut down on the vodka and hit the gym?

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