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Has Tiger been tamed?

Tiger Woods is now dating skier Lindsey Vonn, and the couple is getting so serious that he came clean to her about all of his previous cheating scandals, according to Us Weekly.

"He confessed everything in his past to her and stuff — they're really into each other," a source reveals.

Wow  he told her everything? We hope she had plenty of time on her hands.

Meanwhile, it sounds like they are doing well thus far. 

"They're a really happy couple — not living together yet," the source says. 

Tiger, 37, and Lindsey, 28, had been rumored to be dating for a few months, and they officially confirmed their relationship this week.

We're proud of Tiger for owning up to his mistakes, and we really do think these two cuties could go the distance, even if not everyone does.

At least we know this relationship couldn't end any worse than his marriage did, right?

Source: Us Weekly