Credit: Jockey Photo: Tim Tebow is Shirtless, but Won't Show His Underwear, in Jockey Ad

Media darling Tim Tebow is not dating Kerry Perry (yet), but he is currently lending his superhuman physique to a major underwear brand — without actually stripping down to his tighty whities, that is.

The NFL golden boy is the new face of Jockey Underwear, but he's refused to drop trou for any sexy print ads. Bor-ring!

Instead of an ultra sexy David Beckham-style ad, Tim has instead opted to stay clothed for his Jockey photos. (Well, at least he's shirtless in one of the ads.)

Credit: Jockey Photo: Tim Tebow Doesn't Strip Down in Jockey Underwear Ad

"Some things are better when left to the imagination," Jockey Public Relations Director Mo Moorman recently told Rob Shuter.

Whatever the strategy, it seems to be working. Jockey Chief Marketing Officer Dustin Cohn says that Tebow has been a "lightning rod" for the brand, driving up sales since he first took over as spokesman.

Hey, if it works...

Source: Huffington Post

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