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Is there room in showbiz for more than one epic eye-roller?

Most definitely, if Tina Fey’s daughter has anything to say about it!

The 30 Rock star’s 7-year-old daughter, Alice, may have gotten a taste of fame with her adorable guest spot on her mom’s hit show, but she won’t be a child star anytime soon, Tina tells People.

“With my kids, so far it seems to be about me holding them back,” says the star. “They see this exciting life.”

Tina admits that Alice’s ambition went through the roof after finding out that Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis was only 9 years old.

“I made her write out a poll so everyone who came to our Oscar party had to [vote] ‘Should Alice be allowed to be in movies?’ And I was the only person that said ‘No.’ I was like ‘Unfortunately for you, I am the only vote that counts.’”

Source: People