Add Tone Loc to the unfortunate trend of celebs collapsing in the past week.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the rapper collapsed after finishing a song during a Saturday, March 16 concert in Iowa. Reporters at the concert said fans were asked to leave a few minutes after Tone collapsed, so he was unable to continue the show. Paramedics responded, but the 47-year-old "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina" singer refused to be taken to the hospital. He also collapsed and had a seizure during a 2009 concert, EW reports, and authorities at the time said he had overheated.

Kelly Osbourne and Lil Wayne recently suffered seizures. Justin Bieber couldn't catch his breath and collapsed at a concert. Ed Asner had to taken to the hospital after being disoriented during a show. And Carrie Fisher recently talked about her mid-performance bipolar episode.

Everyone needs to just take a deep breath and get some rest. Stay well out there!

Source: Entertainment Weekly