Credit: Bravo

Top Chef: Seattle aired a hotly anticipated guys vs. girls Restaurant Wars challenge tonight, January 16, and the results caught us fully off-guard.

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t yet watched the episode, move along to something anything! else.

We’ll give it to you Quickfire-like: During the episode, Sheldon’s modernized Filipino restaurant, Urbano, faced off against Kristen’s modernized French restaurant, Atelier Kwan. The non-surprises of the evening were that the food, for the most part, was extremely tasty, and Stefan made an ass of himself as the front-of-house manager for Urbano.

Despite the error of Stefan’s table-waiting ways, Urbano ended up winning the competition (Toyota Avalon for Sheldon!) and it was all thanks to Josie’s massively disappointing bouillabaisse. Sheldon’s victory got us pumped, because while watching Atelier Kwan get the full-on Tom-is-disappointed treatment, we thought, “Sweet, this will be the dish that finally sends the Josie Show home.”

But then Kristen shot herself in the foot or, as Padma put it, threw herself on her sword (why not a knife, Padma? That would be the more appropriate metaphor) by taking the blame for the dish, opting to not go off about Josie’s time management missteps.

One commercial break later, in which we fervently hoped Gail would talk her fellow foodies into keeping Kristen around, Padma told Josie that she was safe (Padma never does that, such a tease) — and then stabbed Kristen with those six little words no cheftestant wants to hear: “Please pack your knives and go.”

Credit: Bravo

So in the end, Kristen was sent home over Josie, who was technically responsible for the un-sauced bouillabaisse.

We’re reeling, because we’re Team Kristen all the way. Fortunately, she’s crushed CJ on Last Chance Kitchen, so fingers crossed that she makes it back in!

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