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Kristen Kish had four Elimination Challenge wins under her belt going into last night's episode of Top Chef: Seattle (Season 10). Since that was twice as many wins as anyone else, it's safe to say she was a frontrunner to win. Until last night, anyway.

During last night’s big Restaurant Wars shocker, Padma sneakily announced that The Most Frustrating Player of the Season, Josie Smith-Malave, was "safe" and Kristen was eliminated — or at least sent to Last Chance Kitchen, where she still has the potential to come back in a nice redemption story. (Was that the whole point of sending her? For the drama of keeping Josie and having Kristen come back for redemption?)

Kristen took the high road instead of throwing Josie under the bus, and she "fell on her sword" for it. Kristen talked to Entertainment Weekly after the episode, and she still didn't have anything too negative to stay about Josie (unlike during the actual episode, when she said she'd rather have one of the dishwashers on her Restaurant Wars team).

Credit: Bravo

EW asked if she was as surprised as viewers to hear her name as the eliminated chef, instead of Josie. "I was definitely surprised, but not at the same time," Kristen said. "A part of me was expecting it."

Does she think she could've said anything to change the judges' minds? It did seem like they were waiting for her to make an argument, while she was quietly telling herself to hold her tongue. "I’m sure I could have said more — whether or not it would have changed the result, I’m not sure," Kristen said. "It’s kind of that weird gamble. You don’t want to say a lot when you don’t think the fight is going to end well. I think it would have kept going on and on and on, and it wouldn’t have gone anywhere."

Does she think Josie took it easy during the challenge, to put Kristen (as the Restaurant Wars team leader) in the hot seat during elimination? "That’s hard to say," Kristen said. "I can go only go off what I saw in the past. I knew she had struggled through the whole season. That being said, I’m not there every single time the judges are at her station or giving her feedback. I had no idea she was that kind of … I had no idea she was struggling that much."

Read the full Q&A for more, including her choice to win. Of course, she could still win herself. We’ll have to see.

Do you think Kristen should've said something at Judges' Panel? What would you have argued?

Source: Entertainment Weekly