Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Usher Is Alive But He's Lost His Shirt

Usher is the latest celebrity to be the victim of an unfortunate death hoax after several media outlets reported that the sexy R&B singer had been killed in a car crash earlier this week.

Luckily, Usher took his “death” in stride and tweeted a shirtless picture of himself (below) to prove that he was still, in fact, alive.

“I must've died and went to heaven...Alive and cold kickin ass!! URIV,” he tweeted.

Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Usher Flaunts His Abs

Not only is Usher alive, but damn, does he look good — and he totally knows it. He later tweeted, “Livin' Legend!!! URIV” and included another pic of his shirtless bod.

If these hoaxes beget pictures of shirtless celebs, then someone better start some Ryan Gosling death rumors now.