Credit: UPN

The Veronica Mars movie is slowly coming together — and Marshmallows will surely "LoVe" this news.

Show creator Rob Thomas previously posted to Kickstarter that their plan was to go into production this summer, with the movie released in early 2014.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Rob e-mailed his Kickstarter supporters with a casting update, saying VM star Jason Dohring (Logan), 31, had officially signed on to join titular star Kristen Bell. "We now have three actors officially cast. Veronica. Logan and the waiter who says, ‘Your check, sir.' Don’t worry. We’re busily working on bringing your favorites into the fold. As a Veronica Mars backer, you’ll be the first to know."

So ... two and a half down! (No offense, waiter.) Who else needs to be cast?

Source: Entertainment Weekly