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Update: The film has officially made over $2 million on Kickstarter in less than a day  meaning the Veronica Mars movie begins production this summer! Rejoice! 

The filmmakers will continue collecting donations on their Kickstarter page until April 12. In other words, how fancy-looking this movie will be is all up to you.

Original story: It's no mystery that Veronica Mars fans are a devoted bunch. Well, now's the time to put your money where your mouth is.

Kristen Bell has announced that a movie based on her beloved show  which ran from 2004-2007  will get made if fans can raise $2 million on Kickstarter by the end of the month, according to EW.

In a hilarious video which can be seen below, Kristen and the show's other stars chat about how to make the movie happen. Bear claw?

And if getting to see a Veronica Mars movie weren't motivation in itself, there are other incentives.

For example, a donation of $10 will get you updates on the production and a copy of the script on the day the film is released.

And if you have $10K burning a hole in your pocket, that amount will get you a role in the film! Say hi to everyone in Neptune for us.

If all goes according to plan and the filmmakers raise $2 million by April 12, Warner Bros. will pay for marketing and distribution and will ensure that the movie comes out in early 2014, with an on-demand release following shortly thereafter. The movie would go into production this summer.

So what happens if they filmmakers get more than the required $2 million? Well, that just means we get a better movie.

"Keep in mind that the more money we raise, the cooler movie we can make," show creator Rob Thomas explains. "I’ve always wanted to direct Bill Murray."

Long story short: What the heck are you waiting for? Bust open that piggy bank already!

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Kickstarter


Credit: YouTube Photo: Veronica Mars Movie Teaser Starring Kristen Bell and the Cast