Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images; Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Who could've imagined Rory Gilmore would end up with Pete Campbell? 

It was an odd surprise to see the Gilmore Girls star have a steamy on-screen affair with the smarmy advertising exec on Mad Men Season 5. But it turned into a real-life love story for actors Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser.

"Vinny basically fell in love with Alexis while she filmed a three-episode cameo on Mad Men," a source told Life & Style. "He was definitely smitten with her from the beginning. But he asked his friends for advice, and they told him to play it cool because he'd just got out of a long relationship. So he and Alexis spent some time together at viewing parties for the premiere and events in New York and really hit it off, and by June he was telling friends they were dating." 

Alexis told AMC Vincent is nothing like his character on Mad Men. "He's light and funny and has lots of energy on set. He keeps everybody energized as well. Very, very different than Pete."

Good! Maybe she won't have to punch him in the face. Twice. 

Source: Life & Style