Credit: Wetpaint Entertainment Staff

Let’s be real: One of the main draws of our favorite shows are their sexy leading men and women. Some might say our love of watching beautiful people makes us shallow, but we prefer to think of ourselves as excellent judges of character. And by “character,” we naturally mean the attractiveness of a character.

In the spirit of celebrating physical perfection on the small screen, Wetpaint Entertainment wants you to name TV’s sexiest cast. We’ve rounded up the hottest shows on television, and now it’s up to you to decide which smokin’ ensemble deserves the crown. Each week, the shows will face off, and they’ll need your votes to move on to the next round. The last series standing will be awarded the title of TV’s Sexiest Cast on Monday, February 4!

We started off with the casts of sixteen shows, and below are the two finalist casts from the previous rounds. Vote away, and then come back next Monday to see who wins!