Credit: AMC

Oh, Merle Dixon. How we’ve missed you. Of course, it’s complicated, since you might be the most hateful character to ever appear on The Walking Dead, but after a slow and steady second season, seeing your angry mug is a treat.

The last time we saw Merle was way back in Season 1, when the Grimes gang chained him to an Atlanta rooftop and left him to rot. Why? He was a racist, vindictive pig, and the more reasonable survivors saw him as a threat — to the women, in particular. Only later did they discover, thanks to his brother Daryl’s attempted rescue, that he’d escaped, leaving a mutilated hand behind.

AMC released this spoiler pic of Merle, looking as creepy as ever, with a nifty leather stump holster. Do you think they can figure out a way to stitch a weapon on that thing? And how will the new “good guy” version of Daryl handle seeing his “bad guy” big brother?

The Walking Dead Season 3 will premiere in October 2012 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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