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FYI, David Morrissey loves when people tell him "I hate your guts." He plays The Governor on The Walking Dead Season 3 and he told Vulture he sees it as a positive thing when people love to hate him. That's his job!

Laurie Holden, on the other hand, has also been getting a raw deal from fans on Twitter and she's been trying to defend her character, Andrea — who had a more positive journey on Season 2, then not only fell for The Governor (who almost raped Andrea’s friend Maggie on Season 3, Episode 7) but chose to stay with him in the comfort of Woodbury over supporting her friend, Michonne (Danai Gurira).

As Laurie tweeted recently, "Andrea never read the ‘How to Spot A Douchebag’ book...her tragic flaw. Always looking for love in all the wrong places....Hasn't almost every woman in the world made bad choices at times? Aren't we all looking for happily ever after? Just sayin... The audience sees behind the curtain. Andrea just gets the show...." Yes, and that's been a frustration — to make Andrea the last to know. It doesn't seem fair, considering how cool she turned out to be on Season 2.

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Anyway, it's time to enter the SPOILERS SECTION of our program.

When talking to Vulture, David Morrissey said he was in the middle of filming the season finale — as in, the actual Season 3 finale, not this Sunday’s December 2, Episode 8, midseason finale, "Made to Suffer."

"Yeah, it’s our last week, so it’s all hands to the pump. Everyone’s out here today, so it’s pretty crowded," David said. Vulture noted that he sounded out of breath and he said, "It’s all action today. Emotion as well, and that’s always quite draining. But it’s great. I’m going to miss all of it." So that shows The Governor lives past the midseason finale and survives at least until the official finale. The second half of the season picks up in February and continues for eight more episodes. But you could read into the "I'm going to miss all of it" as either him enjoying the experience and being anxious to return for Season 4 or ... is this it for him? David did sign a five-year deal, which Vulture noted is standard for a show, and David laughed and said they shouldn't read into the length of the contract. "No One Is Safe" is the official mantra of the season. But he added that part about the episode having "emotion as well." Emotion for him because he's dying or someone he cares about dies? Or...?

In the Vulture story, David talked more about The Gov's motivations, including how he's not a seasoned torturer, and he wasn't a sadistic, dark figure in his past life. "What’s happened to him since the incident is he’s built a community that he’s very proud of and very defensive of, and he has a reason for that and it’s his daughter [Penny]. He wants to protect her."

Credit: Russell Kaye/AMC Photo: Governor and Daughter Penny on The Walking Dead

On that note, time for some MAJOR EPISODE 8 SPOILERS!

According to Spoil the Dead’s play-by-play for this Sunday's midseason finale, Michonne actually kills zombie Penny — which will upset The Governor, to put it mildly. Also, during a fight between Michonne and The Gov, Michonne stabs him in the eye with a shard of glass (so he'll look a bit more like the comic Gov). But before she can kill him — ANDREA steps in and pulls a gun on Michonne. She doesn't shoot Michonne. She lets Michonne go, but also saves The Governor. So, yes, if that's really what happens, Andrea (and poor Laurie) should probably hide from the wrath of fans. Plus, won’t The Governor be angry with Andrea for letting Michonne go? Not to mention Michonne being angry with Andrea for taking his side? Will anyone like Andrea in the end? When is her redemption coming? It has to be on its way at some point. Hopefully she can redeem herself.

Also, just to appease any Daryl Dixon fans out there, Norman Reedus has also been seen on set for the finale, so despite Episode 8 reportedly ending on a cliffhanger for Merle and Daryl Dixon, they make it into the second half of the season. Will Merle survive the rest of the season? That's less clear...

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Sources: Vulture, Twitter, Spoil the Dead

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