Is feeding your kid from your mouth a new thing? Like eating your placenta?

There are some things the world does not need to see. But Alicia Silverstone seems to think that a video of her discharging food from her mouth into her 11-month-old son’s does not fall under that category. 

The Suburgatory star (forever known to Wetpaint Entertainment editors as Clueless’ Cher) posted the video in question on her blog with no reasonable explanation as to why she does this. Is it healthier for the baby? We don’t know! Is Bear Blu (real name) allergic to spoons? We don’t know! Was she raised by birds? We don’t kn— Perhaps.

Fox News asked health experts to weigh in on the practice, and the general reaction seems to be of the “WTF?” variety.

So, it is with great regret and no reasonable explanation that we present you this terrifying installment of Alicia Silverstone Feeding Her Child From Her Mouth:

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Earth Mother Alicia Silverstone Spit Food Into Her Baby’s Mouth (VIDEO)

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