Do you remember before Hugh Grant was *Hugh Grant* — when he was just that self-deprecating guy with Julia Roberts in Notting Hill? That's kind of what this guy is like.

Check out the video (below) of Mila Kunis talking to British fan Chris Stark. The BBC Radio interview is supposed to be about Oz: The Great and Powerful, but instead it's about "lad bombs," UK football games, and crazy drinks like doing a shot of Jaeger into a double vodka Red Bull. "Oh my God, that sounds like the worst drink ever," Mila said.

But she and the guy made joking plans to go to some pubs and see some football games. She told him she's going to introduce him to her drink, Blue Moon, since she used to be a bartender. She said this was the best interview she'd done that day. Later in the interview, he asked her to be his date at his mate's wedding. She said she went to the Marine Ball, so she says yes to everything. But she'll be working this June, so she can't go.

So he's apparently still looking for a date, ladies! Watch and love. It’s cute.

Source: BBC Radio

Credit: YouTube Photo: British Interviewer Asks Mila Kunis to Be Date at His Friend's Wedding