Credit: Video still Photo: Bobby Suchan as Aunt Barbara

If you encounter an amazingly tall woman with a mile-high beehive hairdo, bodacious eye shadow, and a gaudy floral dress walking down the street, you might just be looking at North America’s top Tupperware seller a 43-year-old man named Bobby Suchan.

Bobby makes about  $250,000 every year selling the kitchen products as Aunt Barbara, a character based off of his own aunt, the Daily Mail reports.

And one listen to her pitch proves why Tupperware parties hosted by Aunt Barbara have a waitlist six months long.

“You can flip a grilled cheese, flip a pancake,” she explains, brandishing a spatula. “I was coming here tonight... A little eye shadow? One clean sweep,” she says, brushing the spatula across her eyes.

What about the cheese grater? Effective for home invasions, Barb informs Yahoo.

"If someone is there, I'll reach for my cheese grater and say, 'I'll grate your freaking face off.’ Then I'll call 911 and say, ‘There's a man with a bloody face outside, and I collected most of his DNA.’"

“Time are tough,” Aunt Barbara tells ABC News. “You gotta make a couple bucks these days, you know?”

More like a quarter of a million of ‘em!

Source: ABC News, Yahoo!, Daily Mail