We understand being too hot for TV, but too hot for YouTube? Believe it or not, sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Kate Upton managed to up the heat factor in a new video directed by celeb photog Terry Richardson — which is no small feat considering she got her start by making eating a burger look, well, something it never looks like in real life 

So what was in the video that had all the grandmas on the video-sharing site clutching their pearls in horror? Oh, just the 19-year-old doing the Cat Daddy in her famous(ly skimpy) SI cover bikini.

For those no in the know, the Cat Daddy is a dance that all the kids are doing. Only, they’re not really doing it in the same way Kate is. Though it’s nothing we haven’t already seen on MTV Spring Break (uh, is that show even still on?) or in the latest Rihanna music video, we don’t really see the purpose of the clip. That said, check it out below!

Kate Upton- Cat Daddy from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Credit: Vimeo.com Photo: NSFW: Kate Upton’s Too-Hot-For-YouTube Bikini Cat Daddy Dance Video