We already knew that Zac Efron is really good at unhooking bras. But last night Jimmy Kimmel got him to prove it again.

When Zac stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 16 to talk about his new Nicholas Sparks film, The Lucky One, the cute star ultimately found himself facing off against Jimmy in a very unique sort of bra-unhooking competition.

Jimmy’s sidekick, Guillermo, donned not one but four gigantic bras to be Jimmy’s partner in the competition, while a Guillermo look-alike did the same before teaming up with Zac.

So now all comes down to Jimmy vs. Zac. Which guy do you think is better at removing bras from a stocky, cross-dressing male? Watch the hilarious video to find out!

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube Photo: Zac Efron and Jimmy Kimmel Face Off in a Bra-unhooking Contest on April 16, 2012 (VIDEO)

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