Credit: via Courtney Stodden's Twitter Photo: Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Wears Bikini

Temporarily restricted from flaunting her bod on Facebook, 17-year-old newlywed Courtney Stodden decided to take her talents to Southbeach Santa Clarita, where her scantily-clad behind caused a “rump”us at a local Pumpkin Patch.

Halloween-minded parents and kids got more than they bargained over the weekend when Stodden used the Southern California-based patch as her own personal photo op, sporting daisy dukes and a midriff-baring plaid shirt. She also took time to pose with her 51-year-old husband in a way that what we can only describe as a test of our gag reflexes. (The owner of the patch described it to E! Online as “inappropriate.” That works, too.)

With her desperate attempt to land a reality show, we’re afraid of where her T&A tour will hit next. Chuck E. Cheese’s around the country, watch your back.

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