Credit: The Milano Collection, Michael Loccisano / Getty

Believe it or not, Alyssa Milano is turning 40 on December 19. The Who's the Boss? and Charmed star had a surprise party on December 14 in West Hollywood, attended by famous friends like Ludacris and Brian Grazer.

The party, thrown by her husband, David Bugliari, was prom-themed, one guest told Us Weekly, "because Alyssa didn't have a prom and hers would have been in 1990s. Everybody dressed up and everyone got a corsage when they walked in."

Maybe proms should be the standard for 40-year-olds, instead of teens, since adults are less likely to be self-conscious shuffle-dancers and awkward gropers. Anyway, happy birthday, Alyssa! Sounds like a fun party.

Source: Us Weekly