Credit: Gaz Shirley/KVS, Photo: Jennifer Lawrence Tries to Enjoy a Meal With Friends

In case you were wondering what one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest young stars does in her spare time, look no further!

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is one talented actress who we're currently keeping our eyes on (read: obsessed with) and we’re continually shocked by just how normal Jen really is. While most young starlets can be found relaxing on the beaches of Mexico or scouring the racks at Barney’s during their downtime, J.Law prefers to share her free moments with friends.

After her fine-dining experience at Denny’s last week, our girl was spotted on June 16 lunching in Los Angeles with a friend. With her hands thrown up in a “why are you looking at me?” pose, she seemed none-too-pleased with the paparazzi invading her time with pals. You tell ‘em, girl!

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Lawrence Heads to Lunch With a Friend

The following day, Jen enjoyed yet another meal out with pals, rocking the same cute brown hat from the day before, this time paired with a white romper, leather jacket, and a smile.

Looks like J.Law is adjusting to the attention from the paparazzi quite nicely. You better get used to it, Katniss Jennifer!