Credit: Twitter

Rude Girl, indeed!

Last night Rihanna got her strip club on in NYC and posted pics of the NSFW fun on Twitter. In the racy photos RiRi can be seen showering strippers with dollar bills and getting what looks to be an upright lap dance. The star even captioned one of the pics, “My daddy would be proud.”  Poor, Papa Ri — we’re not sure strippers and sarcasm ever go together.

Evidently all the work Rihanna’s been putting in promoting Battleship has taken its toll, because the star’s twitpics followed this tweet: “Best stress reliever= $tripper$.” Perhaps, but there’s always yoga, too.

Credit: Twitter

If you’re wondering what her night out looks like in the harsh light of day, it seems Rihanna’s feeling a bit remorseful. She followed up last night’s tweet spree with an apologetic tweet: “Woke up repenting! Feelin’ like a sinner.” It’s OK, Ri, to err is human.

Source: Twitter

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