Go on and take a bow puff.

Rihanna is no stranger to controversial Instagram photos, and this latest one definitely raises some eyebrows regarding what it is she's smoking.

The photo was posted this week on Instagram with the message, "You a real n****, then phuck wit me!" The post was later deleted.

Another photo appears to show the cigarette-shaped item being put out, with the message, "Every day, every night , all the time..."

Rihanna isn't clear about what it is she's smoking in these pics, but given that she has previously posted a pic of marijuana, it seems safe to assume that might be her substance of choice here, too.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Nice ashtray.tiff

Not all fans are particularly pleased that she's posting these pics. One fan, blake_navy4life, commented on the pic of the ashtray, "We love u lots, but plz give up  you're so amazing x."

Do you agree that Rihanna should cool it on posting these pics?

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