Credit: Miley Cyrus on Twitter Photo: Miley Cyrus Introduces a New Hashtag

Just when it feels like Miley Cyrus can't keep her pace of newsworthy stories up, she goes and proves everyone that she can.


While in Miami this weekend, the star was photographed with one significant thing and without one other significant thing.


First, the significant one: while on a balcony with friends, Miley was seen smoking what appeared to be a hand-rolled cigarette or what most people with a mild ability to apply logic would call "a joint."


While no one could get close enough to confirm through the senses of sight or smile, Miley has shown an affinity for marijuana before in other pictures so it wouldn't exactly be the most shocking thing to have ever happened.


Now for the significant thing she was without: her engagement ring.


Given the swirling maelstrom that is her relationship status with Liam Hemsworth, the decision to go ringless certainly seems more than just a coincidence.


Source: Zap2It