Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX © 2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel in Glee

2012 was a banner year for television — just ask our overloaded DVRs. Seriously, the amount of good telly out there is an embarrassment of riches. But brace yourself, readers, because we're about to ask the impossible of you: to choose your favorite episode of scripted TV that aired in 2012.

We canvassed our favorite Wetpaint Entertainment shows (and assorted others to which we're addicted, as well) and rounded up the following list of standout installments. Did you love the relationship pile-up of Glee's "The Break-Up"? The gut-wrenching Revenge finale, "Reckoning"? The familial fallout of Dexter's "Are You...?" The blood-curdling terrors of American Horror Story: Asylum's "I Am Anne Frank" double feature? Or yet another one? Sound off below!