Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

He's not making it work on the romantic front.

Tim Gunn, beloved fashion guru and mentor on Project Runway, just had a "25 things you don't know about me" session with Us Weekly.

Among other things, he revealed, "I had a terrible stutter as a child and a teen"; "I have an aversion to parties"; "I love dogs, especially mutts"; "I haven't gone on a vacation in 12 years"; and — at #20 — "I have not had an intimate relationship in 20 years."

The celibacy thing isn't that new, since last year Tim said he hadn't had sex in 29 years. But combine that with the party aversion, love for mutts (underdogs!), and stutter as a child, and it sounds like he's a sweet, sensitive guy who may have lingering insecurities and great empathy for others. Obviously, Father Tim should’ve been elected pope last week. He is our spiritual guide in all things. But, seriously, he deserves a vacation — and maybe on that vacay he can get his groove back and meet The One. Or maybe it doesn't matter. He's finding love and satisfaction from other things in his life. Nothing wrong with that!

Source: Us Weekly