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For shame, People magazine! Once again, Ryan Gosling — famously snubbed as People's Sexiest Man Alive — topped a sex fantasy list over two guys who were actually chosen as "Sexiest."

Details magazine has a new survey out, asking people for their most fantasized-about male and female stars. According to Zap2it, Ryan was the most fantasized-about male star by a landslide — taking 50 percent of the vote.

Here's the male top 5:

1. Ryan Gosling
2. Zac Efron
3. Adam Levine
4. Channing Tatum
5. Bradley Cooper

So, notice, the two most recent Sexiest Man Alive celebs ranked at the bottom. Of course, some fans will get upset at the lack of, say, Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, Nathan Fillion, Norman Reedus, Alexander Skarsgard, etc.

Now for the ladies. In this round, Mila Kunis took the top spot with 41 percent of the vote. Here's the top 5:

1. Mila Kunis
2. Kate Upton
3. Jennifer Lawrence
4. Jessica Alba
5. Megan Fox

What do you think about these lists? Do you fantasize about any of those people? Who is missing?

Source: Details (via Zap2it)