Credit: Getty Images Photo: Elizabeth Banks at MTV Movie Awards on June 3, 2012

If the zombie apocalypse starts at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, Josh Hutcherson better hope the undead aren’t drawn to his orange pants.

Josh and his The Hunger Games co-star Elizabeth Banks were interviewed together Sunday on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet (where Elizabeth looked about six inches taller than Josh) and they were asked which Hunger Games star they would save if there was a zombie attack and they could only save one. Jennifer Lawrence? Woody Harrelson? Liam Hemsworth...?

“I might save Woody,” Elizabeth said, before changing her mind. “Nah, he could save himself maybe. He’s already fought off zombies in one of my favorite zombie movies.” (Yes! Go rentZombieland, if you haven’t seen it.) “So I’d probably save Jennifer.”

“I think Jennifer too,” Josh said, “just because I think she means the most to continuing the story to the fans, yeah.” Elizabeth agreed, adding, “I want to be the savior of Katniss.” (Oh, Effie, let Peeta save Katniss. That’s his job!)

Who would you save?