Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC Photo: Don Peggy and Ken Mad Men Season 5 Episode 8

Which Mad Men characters would you 1) kill, 2) marry, and 3) screw?

We were content to see Pete Campbell get slapped in the face on Season 5, but he's a decent candidate for slaughter, given a choice. Marry? Maybe Ken Cosgrove. Screw? Don Draper is always a good option, or maybe Joan Holloway Harris, since her sex appeal transcends all labels.

Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olson, played a version of kill/marry/screw with GQ. Not that she wanted to. "Oh brother. I don't want to marry any of them! Impossible!" she said. "I guess I'd marry...Sterling? F*ck Don. And I guess I have to kill Pete? But let me say for the record that none of these are things I'd ever want to do."

Her character already screwed Pete on Season 1 and got a baby out of it. Sterling might be good to marry if he has any money left for the inevitable divorce. Screwing Don is always a good choice, unless he’s being faithful to Megan from now on. Do you think Peggy ever wanted to get to the screw/marry point with Don?

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Source: GQ