We may have to redefine "The Biggest Loser."

Last May, Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels announced she had adopted a 2-year-old girl, Lukensia, and her longtime girlfriend, Heidi, had given birth to a baby boy, Phoenix.

Eight months later, Jillian tells Us Weekly, "Oh my God, the puking! I did not anticipate how much a child under 1 throws up! Every day. Every day! I just look at him, [like], 'Phoenix, honey, when do you stop puking?' I'm told it's after a year. But there isn't a day that I don't get projectile vomited on."

Thanks for the visual! At least she didn't give us the full Al Roker. Besides, babies are messy. It's not breaking news, it's just one of the trade-offs of raising such a cute and lovable mini human. Nobody's perfect!

Source: Us Weekly