Credit: The CW, FOX; FX; NBC; The CW; AMC Photo: Sexiest Casts on Scary Shows

Let the sexy-offs continue! So far, we’ve learned:

- The Kardashians set the standard for docusoap sexiness.
Grey’s Anatomy’s cast rules both the medical drama and scripted categories.
- How I Met Your Mother leads all sitcoms in the sexy cast department.
- No other reality competition show judging panel compares to the sexiness of ANTM’s judges.
- The cast of Castle defies nature and beats out all other procedurals for hottest cast.
- Supernatural tops the supernatural-‘n’-sexy race.

Now we’re moving on to scary shows!

Although things get downright horrifying in the following series, it’s the actors’ beauty that gets our hearts racing. Vote below for the scary show cast that makes you swoon.

Be sure to check back next week for another “Sexiest Cast” poll!

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