Credit: Clockwise from top left: Kwaku Alston / FOX; ABC Family; The CW; MTV

How about some winning! good news?

Charlie Sheen just loves giving people money — maybe it's his karma relief plan. He reportedly gave Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help end her tax debt ,and now TMZ says he's helped Jasmine, a 10-year-old girl with Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma. 

She's the daughter of a Hermosa Beach police officer, and after Charlie heard about her story from another cop, he decided to help. Mr. Tiger Blood wrote a check for $75,000 to the Hermosa Beach Police Association, which started a cancer fund in Jasmine’s honor. TMZ says his stunt double, Eddie Braun, also provided a check for $25,000.

So that's nice. Yes, Charlie makes millions, and it's a little sad to think he maybe gave Lindsay more than this girl, but a good deed is a good deed. Let Charlie inspire you (in this way only — not in all the other crazy stuff he does)!

Source: TMZ

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